Saturday, December 21, 2013

21st Dec 2013

After breakfast, went to Bukit Timah Hill for hiking. This hill just beside my house and this is my first time here. We hike from Bukit Timah Hill till to Dairy Farm Nature Park. It takes 2hrs plus and we ended at far away place and have to took bus to home :-)

20th Dec 2013 - Friday

 After worked, went to new Westgate Mall and JEM for dinner and shopping.


 There is a Japanese buffet shop at Westgate Mall.
Saw the Royce, daddy is queeing up to buy me the Royce chocolate as daddy said this is very nice choco. Very good business even only a small shop.

Today Jiu Jiu send me Colin's photo, this 汤圆 is made by Colin at school. He keep asked Ah Ma to try his own made 汤圆.
 This is the Christmas holiday program that Colin bring back. Merry Christmas to my lovely boy!!!!

19th Dec 2013 - Thursday

Having dinner at Clementi Mall, Soup Restaurant with my friends.
Colin start to fullday school for 2 weeks due to let Ah Ma rest at home. Jiu Jiu fetch him back from school and he is enjoying the fullday school.

14th December 2013 - Saturday

Goodbye and thanks to teacher are really a good piano teacher. Colin likes the piano lessons so much. Today is Colin last lesson at this Jammin Sensation music school.

12th Dec 2013 - Thursday

Mummy and Jiu Jiu back from hospital. See the kids playing at home. Colin and Alfred put the gun and knife at his back and said this is soldier. And the 2 kokos put the green tongkat at Mei Mei
s back too.....hahaha...that's funny.

8th - 11st Dec 2013

As Ah Ma get dengue, and mummy flew back home.
Having our breakfast at Wantan Mee shop.

 Mummy finally force to cook.
 Fish porridge for Ah Ma.
 Mee Sua soup